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How Bad Do You Want It?

Napoleon Hill said in his timeless classic, Think and Grow Rich, “Desire was the start of all achievement.” That’s true in big and small things. For instance, have you ever been hungry driving around aimlessly? You’re hungry but you can’t think about what you really want to eat. (hmmm…fried baloney or turkey sandwich??) You desire something right? When you’re hungry and don’t know what you want to eat, your hunger doesn’t even move you to get up off the couch and go get something.

That hunger is not enough to make you take action, but the minute you have a desire for something specific you will move through traffic, get off the highway, and drive down through neighbourhoods to get to your favorite restaurant or whatever your taste buds are calling for. To me, that’s desire!

This time of year is one of my favorite times of the year because it’s the basketball playoffs: NBA or NCAA, I love them all! I love to see the games and when it’s ultracompetitive when it’s win or go home, and the picture of desire for me is Michael Jordan. I conjure the image of Michael Jordan after all those years, hadn’t won a championship, and couldn’t win a division title. Finally won a championship, he was hugging the trophy, crying like a baby. People are pouring champagne all over his head but he is crying and hugging the trophy, but that image of MJ is the epitome of desire to me. When you have a burning desire to accomplish something there’s got to be something about your goal that is so great, that you are emotionally tied to that you are willing to radically change things in your life and do things you have never done before in order to achieve it.

We try and we fail, we get intimidated by our goals but that desire to achieve something significant in life never goes away. It’s all about how bad you want it! It’s all about your DESIRE for your goal or dream. Think about what you really want in life and ask yourself, “Do you really want it?”

Remember that picture of Michael Jordan crying with the trophy in his hands. Before that image of him crying with a championship trophy in his hands, I imagine that he cried every single time he failed. Because each failure fuelled his desire to be stronger, to give another effort, to step it up in the off-season, to grind harder than he’s ever grinded before. So here are 3 STAR POINTS to help fuel your desire!


It doesn’t matter if you failed before, been criticized or have doubts and fears about stepping out of your comfort zone and into something that’s unknown, you must keep your goal and dreams in focus. There is a concept that Tony Robbins speaks about. Whenever we fail at something, we tend to move away from it because it causes us pain. It makes us feel the failure all over again and sometimes we can’t separate the failure of an event from ourselves being a failure. As a result we move away from what we desire because it brings painful memories to our life. But remember, the desire to achieve something significant does not leave you, you have to replace it with something else. Don’t be intimidated by the vision. Move towards that goal and do whatever you can to keep that vision in focus.

Put a notice somewhere in your calendar to review your goals for 10-15 minutes a day. If you keep those things top of mind that vision becomes real to you and the opportunities and resources you may have missed before because you weren’t focused become more visible. Opportunities, information and resources are out there waiting on you, you just have to show up, focus and take advantage of it.


When people are asleep, you grind. When people are resting, you grind! When people are out playing golf, YOU GRIND! Who needs TV? Why are you paying $200 per month for TV when grinding for your dream doesn’t cost you money and could bring life changing money to your life? Grinding in the off hours of the day is like cheating, but you’ll never get in trouble for it! Take advantage of every waking moment to prepare for the success you desire.


Third thing to keep your desire alive is just don’t stop. Failure is not final; failure is only feedback. George Washington Carver, the great inventor from the Tuskegee Institute created over 3000 uses for peanut but think about how many other uses didn’t pan out. That’s probably 6000 or 7000 uses for the peanut!? Every time he created something that didn’t work he didn’t stop creating.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. He knows ten thousand ways NOT to create a light bulb, but he didn’t stop. When it comes to your goals and your dreams, or your desire to achieve something significant while you live on this earth, it is a must that you feed your desire to do it. Your desire to accomplish it will never leave you, it will never go away from you. You will have to replace it with something else for it not to be on your consciousness. It will knock on the door in the middle of the night saying “Yo! Let me in!” It will beat on your head, beat on your heart saying “Don’t forget about me!”, because your dreams desire to live!

My blog, social media posts and products are to help feed your spirit and keep that desire to do significant things alive. Keep your vision in focus. Grind when nobody is grinding, and no matter what DON’T STOP. That builds momentum! It’s not over until you quit.

The great author Victor Frankie says, “All the forces in the world cannot stop an idea whose time has come.” If you put these three STAR POINTS into action, the time will come when the universal will move and make room for you to make a significant mark in this world.

I got wisdom for your mind and motivation for that behind! Get busy and fuel your DESIRE because your time is now!

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