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3 Steps To Better Your Best

I remember hearing an interview with Denzel Washington and he was asked, “What has been your favorite acting role?” I was thinking about what character he would say was his favorite, but what he said was shocking. Denzel said his favorite and best role is his next role.

I thought what Denzel said was super profound! What that meant to me is that no matter how much energy and emotion he had poured into a previous role, and no matter how accomplished he was, he still had the desire to give and accomplish a whole lot more.

Superstar Performers can relate to Denzel, but this drive to excel can be a a gift and a curse.   Having initiative, a burning desire to improve or achieve something significant is a gift that a lot of people don’t have. But the curse is that burning desire to achieve also drives you crazy! It keeps you up at night. You never seem to be satisfied, and you always want more.

How can you better your best? Even if you are already very accomplished, how can you get better? How can you go to the next level even if you are “good“ right now?

I have three tips that can get your kickstarted to achieve another level of success, and rekindle that fire in the belly to go for another goal!

The first thing you should do is REDISCOVER YOUR WHY. Think back to when you first started working toward a significant goal in your life. Think about the discipline and effort it took to accomplish great things in your life: graduation, recovering from injury, physical fitness, winning a championship or competition. Now, focus on what your motivation was for doing it. It is not enough to set the goal. “Just because” is never a strong enough reason to accomplish a goal, because when times get tough (and they are going to get tough) knowing WHY you’re putting yourself through all this extra stress will keep you focused and get you back on track.

My mentor Delatorro McNeil II says something very powerful! He says,

“Goodness is free but greatness will cost you.”

When it comes to reaching another level of success and to better your best you can’t be satisfied with good. It will take your best effort and a compelling reason—WHY…… to create the momentum you need to achieve your goal. Maybe it’s to change your life financially. Maybe a significant event like a death in the family or a birth of a child that really motivates you to be hungry and go and do something significant in life. Whatever it may be, get crystal clear on why you want to do it.

Your WHY should tap into your emotions because your spirit doesn’t care if your reasons are genuine intrinsic life-long motivators, or if your motivation is manufactured. All it needs is energy to kick start the magic that comes when you take steps towards your dream or vision.

The second thing you must do is CHALLENGE YOURSELF. I’m not asking you to set a goal. It’s not that kind of challenge. Challenge yourself to change your routine because you need a new energy surrounding you. The mind-set and the knowledge that got you to where you are is not going to be the mind-set and knowledge that is going to take you to where you want to be. Look to break or curve a habit. If you work out in the evening start working out in the morning. Look at your diet. How can you change that to create a new energy in yourself? It is going to be a challenge to go somewhere you’ve never been, and just small changes in your daily life can help to get that creative power flowing in every aspect of your life!

The third thing you must to go to another level of living, to better your best and to achieve superstar success is to CLAIM YOUR STAR POWER!!! Remind yourself how bad you are (..not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good!”—Run DMC). Take out your wallet! Check your ID! Say “Yeah it’s ME!” Look at yourself in the mirror! Say “I’m the woman who conquered those mountains!” “I’m the man who made those fat pay checks!” “I’m the one who did what they told me i couldn’t do!” Confirm and reaffirm yourSELF!

Eric B and Rakim said in a rhyme,

“I ain’t no joke, I used to make the mic smoke. Now i slam it when it’s done and make sure it’s broke! “

What Rakim was saying is “Yes I’ve been good, but now except nothing less than greatness.” A new level of performance! You must have that kind of desire if you want to BETTER YOUR BEST. (link to the video)

You my friend are an Everyday Superstar and you were created to break barriers, which always creates new energy in your life. Use that energy to take massive action on steps to better your best!

I got wisdom for your mind and motivation for your behind!


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