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Win The Battle and Close the Sale Before You Leave Home

One of the top reasons people are unsuccessful in sales is that they simply don’t have an effective sales process. Yes, there are countless books to about this topic – and just about any one of them will work for you if you have the discipline to follow the instructions. However, before you try anything, there is one thing you must master first. This is the most important step of all in the sales process.

Before you can effectively sell to others, you must sell yourself – on yourself!

The sales battle is won or lost in your mind before you leave the house. Or another way to put it:


“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” ~ Sun Tzu


Here are a few of my translations for sale pros who want to perform at the Superstar level:

Start with Gratitude


“The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.”


Timing is essential! Morning is a sacred time to plant positive seeds of knowledge and motivation to get in flow for the day.  There is no better time to activate a larger vision of yourself than the morning hours.


Each day, before you leave your house, or make your first call, or engage with anyone else, decide to make a time for yourself. Remind yourself that you are uniquely gifted and talented – endowed with special gifts that only you possess.


And just as your fingerprints are yours alone, you can leave a unique imprint on the world through the sales profession.


Fill yourself with gratitude for your talents and skills. Be thankful for the opportunities before you. No matter how big or small! There is no more powerful emotion – and it is the best way to keep you in the right mindset as you start your day.


The sales profession can be a lonely job, and you often face rejection. But there is a reason sales pros have such an incredible opportunity to be among the highest paid employees in the company. When there’s high risk, there is high reward. Sales people are truly a company’s most appreciable asset.

So, take a moment to be grateful for the opportunity you have in sales.  Get excited about it! Be grateful that today is another opportunity to take a step closer to realizing your goals!


Avoid the Crossbow of Comparison


 “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles;”


Superstar Sales Pros are those who are at the top of the stack rankings every year.  In any company, a sales force sells the same products are generally faced with the same challenges. Yet, despite this, some win every year while others struggle to make quota.  The Superstars make it look so easy, but everyone else is trying this and tweeking that.

Have you ever wondered why? I’ll tell you…


You see, some people tend to observe those at the top and compare themselves. Then they make excuses as to why their particular circumstances won’t allow them to be as successful as the superstar sales pros.


For example, a common belief that I hear all the time is that you must be an extrovert to succeed in sales. Not only is this false, it is a dangerous, self-limiting belief that you need the gift of gab to be successful in sales. In fact, studies show that a great percentage of the highest paid sales pros are actually introverts!


Know Thyself!  Before you leave home, envision the conversations you will have with your prospects.  You don’t have to be outspoken, charismatic or “different”, you just have to be yourself. Be all that you are – because that’s enough! You can become highly successful at selling yourself and your ideas without changing your personality at all – you simply have to believe in yourself first before you try convincing anyone else to believe in you.


Customers don’t really care about your style – they care that you understand their business needs and that you can help solve them. So, practice your presentation, prepare for any objections, and learn to listen to what your customer needs. And do it in your own, unique style.


Success Breeds Success


“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” 


Take a moment to reflect on the successful calls and big wins you’ve had!  Even the best sales pros face frequent rejection and failure, but nothing feels better than closing a deal!  That’s the kind of energy your molecules crave to start the day.


Dr. Albert Bandura of Stanford University conducted numerous studies on the power of self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is a functional belief that you have the power to control your destiny. A belief that you can perform any task successfully if you really want to.

It is an empowering feeling – the ability to project your will out into the world to get what you want most in life. According to his studies, Dr. Bandura says that this kind of power is proven to be one of the strongest motivators known to man:


“When the drive for power arises, it not only impacts our minds but also our bodies.”  –Dr Albert Bandura


I have spoken to many superstar sales pros and no matter how many awards they’ve won, or sums of money they have earned – they always want more!

Once you begin to achieve this feeling of self-efficacy, the desire for more and greater accomplishments becomes a part of your DNA. Your need to fulfill your desires grows stronger.


Sales is the perfect profession to activate this inner power because the more you accomplish, the more you need to accomplish to satisfy your self-image. In sales, not only will your confidence grow stronger when you activate your self-efficacy . . . so will your bank account!


Here are essential habits a sales warrior can learn from one the most legendary military strategist to win the battle of the mind and become a master of self:


  • Daily affirmations – make your first thoughts count! Our minds unconsciously consume so much negative news and noise in the world today. It is critical to feed positive images, information and energy into your mind to fortify your conscious and subconscious mind. Envision what you want your life to look like each day and speak the result out loud.


It’s as simple as GI = GO: Garbage in. Garbage out. The volume of negative information will manifest in your subconscious and influence the way you view opportunity and respond to people. Before you know it your self-talk is downright brutal! Negative and sometimes angry.


GI = GO: Good in. Good out. The garbage and negativity cannot take root if you use your own powerful voice to affirm your greatness. A single thought or idea can dramatically change your results! Your molecules hunger for positive affirmation in order to experience the feeling of self-efficacy, and your mind is always searching for ways to win. Feed your brain daily affirmations, inspirational quotes, empowering images to heighten your sense of confidence and competence.


  • Keep your goals in sight – at some point in your morning routine, take five-to-ten minuets to review your goals. Too many sales people treat goal-setting like a one-time event . . . and that is why they don’t get the results they want. Moving from goal-setting to goal-getting is an ongoing process. Goals need to stay in your consciousness in order to prioritize your efforts (remember….GI = GO). Put them in your smart phone and set a reminder or alarm to review them daily. Keep them in your day planner or anywhere else that allows you quick access to them throughout the day.


  • Read – reading some scintillating headline on your smart phone within 15 minuets of waking up is almost unavoidable. It steals your focus and you’re on autopilot all morning. Avoid nonproductive minutia by limiting app notifications to industry blogs, thought leaders and sources that improve your technical skills. Take five-to-seven minutes to read an article or watch a video from one of these resources during your morning routine (you know it!  GI =GO!!). You will always have something new to talk about during sales calls, and you can become a trusted resource for your customers.


Morning is a sacred time to plant positive seeds of knowledge and motivation to get in flow for the day.

Customers can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, and feel it in the magnitude of your personality!

You show up with a strong winning aura.

You show up knowing you got the ‘yes’ and closed the sale before you left your house!



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