Everyday Star Power Coaching Program:

12 Peak Performance Tips To Help You Shine Everyday





In this incredible 3-disc audio coaching program, Rome shares how he started pursuing his dream while unemployed for nearly a year and only $127.35 in his bank account. Today he’s an industry expert in the fast moving personalized cancer medicine space.

In his unique fun & energetic speaking style Rome’s gives step-by-step instruction on how to discover, develop and project your Superstar Potential to create a life or business plan for success.

This program also includes a 1-hr live teleconference with the dynamic speaker & author Delatorro McNeal II.  Over 3 hours of wisdom for your mind, and motivation for your behind!

Please contact me for personal coaching sessions!  My coaching is not a match for everyone, but I’m open to discussing your vision to see if I or someone in my network can help you move it forward.  info@romemadison.com




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