Former healthcare SVP who built two of the most successful companies in the innovative personalized cancer medicine industry.

Rome Madison is an expert on Innovation. A former Senior Vice President in the medical sales industry, and a pioneer who helped develop the field of personalized cancer medicine, Rome knows what it takes to do more with less and lead change in your organization. Audiences and colleagues have called Rome an "explosive speaker!" From his unlikely journey from average, unemployed ex-jock with no job options, to a corporate VP with stock options, Rome shares principles for any organization to achieve and sustain Superstar Success. Rome's achievements are impressive, but it was a series of tragic and humbling events that helped him discover the true significance of Star Power: your inner ability to create more of what you want, by doing more with what you already have. Rome shines as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. If you need a dynamic speaker who will challenge, stretch and inspire your audience and leave a lasting impression on your client, Rome Madison is your speaker!

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Rome helps leaders and sales teams FIGHT! ………Complacency.

Complacency is the biggest opponent you must fight as a professional. If you fall victim to complacency your product, service or talent will become a commodity in the marketplace. Commoditization or non-diferentiation of your brand is the kiss of death in business.

From Rome’s experience building start-ups in the life science industry into successful industry leaders, he shares proven strategies to stand out in a way that commands attention and projects value.

In this 50min keynote Rome explains what is required of leadership and indivual contributors to fight for higher goals, increased revenue and winning the title of market leader in your industry.

You will learn:

  • Why all forces in the market want you to become a commodity.
  • The antidote to complacency and commoditization.
  • 3 key disciplines of all innovative leaders and companies.
  • How to create an innovative culture that spawns competition and accountability.



So why do some companies and teams make it look so easy while others struggle to separate from the pack?

Drawing from his 20-year career of commercializing cutting edge technologies and lessons learned from perennial winning teams, Rome teaches the four dominant qualities of Innovative Leaders and why they consistently outperform the competition.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • Why innovative leaders see that other visioinaries don’t.
  • How to think like a 1%’er.
  • How curiosity spawns creativity in an organization.
  • How to be brutal honesty, but not brutal to affect change.
  • How to create a sense of purpose to champion change in your organization.


Winning Influence: How To Lead Without The Title

There’s a big difference between management and leadership. Most employees will follow you if a paycheck depends on it, but developing leadership skills to influence others helps you build a professional brand that will pay residual dividends in your career regardless of title or position.

This presentation is excellent for team building activity or breakouts (3-4hrs). It can also be delivered as a keynote presentation.

You will learn:

  • The importance of your professional brand.
  • How to gain permission from others to lead them.
  • How to demonstrate leadership capacity among peers and as a young professional.
  • How to create momentum that gets you noticed by leaders & executives.
  • How to ace the ultimate test of leadership before being hired or promoted.



There’s a reason top sales performers stay at the top, while the majority are inconsistent mid-level performers.
It’s less about talent and ability; it’s about skill development and daily habits!

A few of the Habits include:

  • Self Mastery
  • Critical Thinking
  • Focus on Big Results & Big Money
  • Listening for ‘Yes’
  • Much, much more!

Professionals. This is an interactive session that uses improv, competition and the creativity of your team to inspire growth and set bigger goals.

Even award-winning sales reps need to improve. They demand and expect the best to help them grow and Rome Madison is a voice elite sales professionals recognize and follow!


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