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Individual Coaching

Coaching can focus on any area of your life, but my area of expertise is:

  • Helping clients create a life plan
  • Bringing business ideas to life
  • Professional speaker training

My coaching goal is to help you develop your unique path to success, however my coaching services are not a fit for everyone. I have limited slots available for coaching because I’m taking a journey with my clients. For you to achieve maximum results from our sessions, I can only devote time & energy to a few clients at a time.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation, and if you decide to take me on as a coach or not, you will take away one idea you can apply to your life or business that same day.

To inquire about coaching services, email info@romemadison.com or call (210) 433-2740.


(Superstar Coaching client) “I got lazer focused on what my core services would be…..and I’m really clear on what I want to communicate to my customers.”

- Ray Hodges
Hodges Financial Group

(Superstar Training Academy) “He did a great job explaining simple concepts that people forget.”

- Becky Kmack, Godsey
Martin Law Firm

(Keynote Speaker) “Rome blew my audience away! Great questions, great feedback….if you have a chance to book Rome Madison for you event, you should do it as soon as possible.”

- Jeff Klein
Meeting Planner/Booking Agency, Speaker Coop