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Fortune Favors The Bold!

We all know that person who reeks of self-confidence and is wildly successful. It’s empowering and disgusting all at the same time. What astounds many people are the men and women who don’t fit their ideal of success and confidence based on judgment of their appearance.

Don’t hate. Appreciate! Because regardless of your opinion they still appear to be happy and enjoy a level of success that you don’t. Herein lies the age old question, “What do they have that I don’t?” One word: BOLDNESS!

It’s a line from a beer commercial, but it’s absolutely true, “Fortune Favors the Bold!” Every successful person eventually realized they don’t need permission to be who they want to be. Whatever you want to achieve or experience in life, its up to you to make it happen!

The Bold have a larger vision of self than others have of them. Famed actor Jackie Gleason was well know for his love of the ladies, although no one would ever describe him to have a look of a “ladies man.” A journalist once asked “How does a guy like you get such beautiful women?” Gleason said, “Hey, I like me….and I like the women who like me too.”

Doesn’t matter how others see you. What matters is how you see yourself because you will talk and walk as if it is so, and others will respond accordingly.

The Bold possess a deep sense of worthiness. There’s a reason lotto winners and professional athletes go broke after they come into life changing wealth. It doesn’t feel right. They treat it as a once-in-a-lifetime windfall and become addicted to the high of spending cash, and never mature internally in order to preserve the wealth. Money and success tends to reveal one’s true colors, and if you’re uncomfortable with wealth or don’t feel you deserve it, you will eventually find a way to squander it.

Conversely, The Bold emulate and embrace the mindset of ultra-successful people to prepare themselves for the success that is sure to come. They believe they already belong with people they aspire to be like. You must be driven by a deep-seeded reason of why you are worth it and believe what you want is rightfully yours!

The Bold are deeply passionate about what or who they strive to be. Your vision of self has to turn you on! I’m talking full-on arousal! You gotta own it and enjoy everything about being who you are.

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but at the core of his being he believes every word that come out of his mouth. He sees himself as The Boss who Thinks Big and Kicks Ass and he loves it and lives it every minute of the day.

Arrogance, conceit, ego maniac….call it what you want but judging Trump or anyone like him gets you nowhere. People may hate, but if you put these qualities of The Bold into practice very few will bet against your success.

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