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If you can relate, I assure you we are kindred spirits. As you look at me today, you would never guess that I grew up working on my grandfather’s pig farm, that my mother struggled with mental illness and became homeless, and I had a failed business that left me unemployed and bankrupt for nearly a year.

I was frozen with fear I had no self-confidence and my life was a mess. But today my mess has become my message! No matter how hopeless things seem or how trapped and suffocated you feel in your life, you have untapped power lying dormant inside you to create more of what you want in life. Ask me how I know…….I know because I’ve lived it!
With no background or experience I became an expert in the emerging field of cancer genomics and transformed my life from unemployed with no options, to a corporate Vice President with stock options! Today I coach medical sales professionals, athletes and other high performers how to start where they are and create the same success and abundance for themselves.

As a coach & keynote speaker I help you discover and tap into that power, and in the process you will become aware of an even greater truth: the universe will move to accommodate your vision. Resources, opportunities and people will show up bearing exactly what you need to move to the next step of your powerful journey.
My new book and signature keynote is “Claim Your Star Power!” where I share the critical steps and mindset you will need to break away from common thinking and perform like a superstar each day. That’s a continual process of bettering your best and setting new standards for your life.
Some have faith and believe they can accomplish their dreams, but their will power isn’t strong enough to move forward. Some have the will to move, but don’t believe with integrity that they can really accomplish their big dream. When you have the will and faith to take steps everyday toward your goals and dreams nothing can stop you!

Did you know:

  • 52% of Americans are unhappy at work and want to change jobs. (Forbes)
  • Over 9million people 44-70 have had to reinvent themselves and are in their 2nd & 3rd career
  • Nearly 100% of the people I speak to say they want to do new, exciting and amazing things but have allowed fear, self-doubt and procrastination to stop them cold!
  • You already have what you need to live a life beyond you wildest dreams. You simply need expert guidance to breakthrough to a more powerful version of yourself!

If you’re ready to take the first step toward your dream or vision I got your back!

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I hope what you’ve read so far has inspired you raise your game!  Send me a message and let’s talk about next steps and how I can help you or your organization magnify your Star Power! info@romemadison.com

I have a blast sharing the beautiful pics of my travels, as well as profound quotes and insightful articles to expand your mind & vision.  Connect with me on social media……who said hard work had to be so serious?

Just remember, you never have to emulate someone else’s shine or crave the power others appear to have.  Your journey to this point is no accident and you’re uniquely equipped to accomplish the vision burning in your spirit.  It’s time for you to raise your standards, raise your expectations and Claim Your Star Power!  Your time is now!

Wisdom For Your Mind and Motivation For Your Behind!”



(Superstar Coaching client) “I got lazer focused on what my core services would be…..and I’m really clear on what I want to communicate to my customers.”

- Ray Hodges
Hodges Financial Group

(Superstar Training Academy) “He did a great job explaining simple concepts that people forget.”

- Becky Kmack, Godsey
Martin Law Firm

(Keynote Speaker) “Rome blew my audience away! Great questions, great feedback….if you have a chance to book Rome Madison for you event, you should do it as soon as possible.”

- Jeff Klein
Meeting Planner/Booking Agency, Speaker Coop