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3 Steps To Reinvent Through The Power of Your Dreams

The power to reinvent yourself lies within

power of your dreamsChances are you will experience a season in life when you have to reinvent yourself. Downsized and out of work to a highly recruited candidate. Ex-offender to productive citizen. Employee to self-employed business owner. When it’s critical to change how others see you, and most importantly, how you see yourself — what can you do to dramatically change your personal or professional brand in order to achieve the lifestyle you want? The power to reinvent yourself and experience life beyond your wildest dreams actually lies in your ability to have wild dreams! We were born with an unlimited capacity to dream big dreams, but we often don’t recognize the life-changing power that lies in ourdreams. Dreams help you to see a larger vision of yourself and the endless possibilities for your life. But sadly, we often treat our dreams like a distant fantasy because we can’t identify with the person in the dream who is doing incredible things. Well, you may not be the person who can accomplish that today, but the power to reinvent yourself into the person you see in your dream will never leave you. You simply need to tap into it.

Here are three steps to experience the transformative power of a dream: Spend time dreaming: The most advanced high-tech tool at your disposal isn’t your smart phone. It’s your brain! Find a time and place to escape the cares of the day and routinely envision the life you want as if success was guaranteed and you could not fail. It doesn’t matter if the dream is far-fetched and hard to believe. Just start by saying “It’s possible!” That will allow your mind to hold the vision instead of dismissing it as unrealistic or making you feel foolish.

Embrace your dream: When you start to feel passion, power and gratitude for the dream — own it! That dream has now become a vision. A vision isn’t the things or experiences you wish for. Avision is how you see yourself. And as you see yourself, so will you become. Embracing the dream heightens your awareness of what you can do each day to make it happen, and you’ll act with conviction knowing it brings you one step closer to realizing your dream.

Walk in your vision: When you see it, believe it and move toward it, you attract the people, opportunities and resources to achieve it. Your attitude of expectation will dictate how others respond to you. Before you know it you have reinvented yourself because you are walking, talking and being the person you saw in the dream.

Take your dreams seriously! Human beings are God’s only creation with the ability to change their circumstances through the power of thought. Dreams are God’s gift for you to step out of common thinking and into a world of new possibilities. No matter how bleak your situation appears to be, you have the power to maximize your potential, own your power and reinvent yourself. You’re just one dream away!

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